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Who Is Eligible To Join?

5W is open to women all women from the age of 18 years upwards.

How Much Will My Membership Cost?

The recommended donation to join 5W is currently £37 with an annual renewal of £27 for continuous membership.

Can I Complete My Application Form Online?

Yes, you can complete an online application form, which will be automatically forwarded to the 5W office. Once you have completed the form, you will be forwarded to the online payment section to make your joining donation. Your application will only be processed once both forms have been completed. Sign up here.

Can I Send My Application Form And Joining Donation By Post?

If you prefer, you can download a copy of the application form from the website under the ‘Sign Up’ section. Please remember to download a copy of the Donation Form, which provides full information on payment options. Your completed form and donation should then be mailed to the 5W Office.

When Will I Receive My Membership Directory?

Once your application has been accepted at the 5W Office, your details will be entered onto the database. The full membership directory together with your membership number will then be mailed to you, normally within 1-2 days from receipt, either in printed format or on CD (whichever you choose). Please remember that it could take 2 or 3 weeks before mailing your directory if you choose to receive a copy that includes your own details, as this would not be produced until the beginning of the following month.

Is The Membership List Included Online?

No, the Board of Trustees respect the confidentiality of members’ personal information and, for reasons of security, it has been decided not to make the list available online. You can choose to receive a printed version of the membership list, a CD or via email.

What Happens Once I Have Joined And Received My Membership List?

The choice is yours! The membership list contains information on every current member of 5W, including contact details and interests. You choose who you would like to contact. If you are planning to travel and visit other members, please remember that the best friendships are made when members have taken the time to correspond before travelling. Please plan any visits well in advance and never turn up unannounced or at short notice.  We recommend that you don’t ask to stay for more than two nights, if you have never met before.

I am a 5W Member, how do I access the Member Only area of the website?

As soon as you click on any of the items under the Member Only section, you will be prompted to enter the current password.  A new password is circulated to all members every 4 months.  Only current members are able to view items in this section, such as news on the latest Gatherings and Get-Togethers, useful hints for travellers and the latest Newsletter.

In Which Countries Does 5W Currently Have Members?

The world distribution as of January 2019 – 2345 members in 74 countries!

Argentina 7, Australia 592, Austria 28,  Belgium 21, Bermuda 1, Bolivia 1, Brazil 1, Bulgaria 1, Canada 216, Chile 1, China PR 1, Colombia 1, Croatia 1, Cuba 1, Cyprus 1, Czech Republic 2, Denmark 11, Ecuador 2, Faroe Islands 1, Finland 19, France 37, Germany 275, Ghana 2, Greece 4, Hungary 15, India 2, Indonesia 1, Ireland 7, Isle of Man 2, Israel 1, Italy 9, Japan 46, Kazakhstan 2, Kenya 20, Laos 1, Lithuania 1, Luxembourg 1,  Madagascar 1, Malaysia 1, Mexico 3, Moldova 1, Morocco 1, Netherlands 10, New Zealand 49, Nicaragua 1, Nigeria 1, Norway 5, Pakistan 1, Poland 2, Puerto Rico 1, Romania 11, Russia 11, Senegal 1, Serbia 1, Singapore 3,  Slovenia 1, South Africa 4, Spain 23, Sri Lanka 4, Suriname 1, Sweden 24, Switzerland 40, Taiwan 3, Tanzania 3, Thailand 1, Trinidad 1, Tunisia 1, UAE 1, Uganda 2, Ukraine 4, UK 432, USA 352, Zimbabwe 8

5W Local Groups

Local Groups are arranged by local members for local members and visitors to their area. You can meet for coffee, visit places of interest, make new friends…  These Groups are a perfect way for new members to take their first step into the world of 5W!

We currently have 50 Local Groups based all around the world, so check to see if there is one in your area – Buenos Aires; Australia – Adelaide, Blue Mountains of Australia, Canberra, Darwin, Lake Macquarie, Port Macquarie, SE Queensland, Sydney, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia; Austria; Belgium; Canada – Vancouver, Vancouver Island; Copenhagen; Finland; Germany –  Berlin, Bremen, Dusselforf/Niederrhein, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kassel, Munich, Stuttgart; Budapest; Japan – Fuji, Nagoya, Tokyo; Kisumu; Helsingborg; Basel; UK – Scotland, Cambridge, Devon, Kent, London, Manchester, Oxford, South Yorkshire, Welsh Borders, Wessex, Yorkshire/Lancashire; USA – Boston, Chicago, Midwest/Great Lakes, Minnesota, New York/New Jersey/Connecticut, San Diego

Is 5W For Single Women Only?

No, we have many members who are married or living with partners. You are asked to provide this information on the application form, for inclusion on the membership list.

Can I Travel With A Non-Member, Such As A Partner Or Child?

Yes, this is possible, providing your hostess is happy to accommodate a non-member. When you receive your membership list, you will see that members can select if they are able to offer accommodation to husbands, partners or children. We do ask that members send an additional donation of £27 to the office if they plan to travel with a non-member. Of course, if the non-member is female, it would be more advantageous for them to take up membership themselves.

Do I Have To Offer Accommodation Before I Can Accept Hospitality From Others?

No, it is appreciated that not all members are able to offer accommodation and you would indicate this in your membership details. You may not have the space in your home for a visitor, you could be travelling or have other commitments. In this case, you can choose to be a Day Hostess, which means you are happy to show other members around, meet up for coffee or a meal but are unable to offer accommodation. Of course, if you are able to open your home to other members, this is an enjoyable and enriching experience..

Is There A Charge For Staying With Other Members?

We simply ask that you treat your hostess with respect and courtesy, exactly as you would treat a friend. Offering to pay something towards the cost of your stay, buying a small gift or taking your hostess for a meal is always appreciated.

When Is The 5W Office Open?

Normal office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. There is an out of hours answerphone for any messages.