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Lovely Laos, 5W Gathering, February 2020 Message received from Carol Glass Kippan – “And so the adventure begins…… eight women…

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Exciting Gatherings planned for 2019/2020

Vancouver, Canada July 2019
Perth, Western Australia September 2019
Laos, February 2020

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What Happens At Gatherings?

Events arranged by groups of members in their home town for other members who may come from nearby or from anywhere in the world.

They have ranged from one day to six weeks, but more usually last three to five days. Programmes include visits to places of interest, special projects, theatres, museums, walks – but always time for talking, sharing meals and just being together.

Those attending Gatherings make their own travel arrangements but accommodation, usually with local members, is arranged by the organisers.

Each Gathering is different, having its own character and flavour, depending on organisers and location.

Attending a Gathering is a good way for new members to learn about the spirit of 5W and for longer-standing members to meet up again with old friends.

Since the first Gathering in Belgium in 1986, these events have taken place all over the world, including Iceland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, USA, Australia, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, India, Ghana, Hungary, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Canada and the UK.

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Japan, March 2018 Japan, March 2018

Alaska, March 2018 Alaska, Feb March 2018

Beverley, UK September 2017 Beverley, September 2017

Germany, Rhine/Main/Neckar June 2017  German Gathering 2017

London Calling – Get-Together in November 2016 London Calling

5W Members receive VIP treatment in Tours, France and in Manchester, UK – 2016 5W VIP Treatment

Japan 2016

Australian Outback Adventure, September 2015

Cowboys & Cajuns, 2015

Japan 2013

Amsterdam 2012

Chicago, May/June 2012

Ypres 2012

World Heritage Town of Cologne

Hidden Gems of Andalucia

Belgium 2009

Discovering Japan, October 2008









Segway in Strasbourg

South Africa


Shiprock, New Mexico

Hot Air Balloon Festival