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Women Welcome Women World Wide has so much to offer to members from around the world – our aims are simple, but the rewards are great.

Travel to far-flung places or enjoy having guests in your home. Make new friends in foreign lands or just around the corner. Travelling with 5W is a safer way. Imagine having a network of friends wherever you go – having another woman to meet you at the airport when you arrive in a new country, for example, is reassuring in a land far from home.  In the words of one of our members “Every wonderful woman has a story to tell, cultural differences to share and each one feels like a long-term friend from the very first meeting.”

As another of our members explains “With 5W we enjoy a commonality based on openness and a trust that, despite whatever else is happening in the world, there are those to whom we can open our doors, share bits of our lives and become part of a larger, more enriched whole.”  Any woman can become a member, regardless of  nationality, religion or home circumstances and members are of all backgrounds  and ages, from all around the world.

“If you are interested in solo travelling, this is the organisation for you.  It can be lonely travelling on your own, especially if you see something fantastic and want to turn around and say “hey, look at that” but there is no one there.  Well, if you join 5W, those days are over”  - Read more …

Share more of our members’ experiences for a real taste of 5W:

Japan, March 2018

Alaska, Feb March 2018

Beverley, September 2017

Germany June 2017


5W Experiences!

Travelling Solo with 5W!
Read an article from one of our members who enjoyed a 9 week trip around Europe and North America https://solotravelerworld.com/women-welcoming-women/

Plus, a UK member recently returned from an amazing first time trip to Australia.  Although travelling on her own, she stayed with 21 of our wonderful members along the way – which is what 5W is all about!  She says “The Red Centre, the North, South, East and West edges of the vast continent of Australia, plus Tasmania!  She says  – I saw them all on my recent fantastic 5 month trip.Many of my hostesses shared my interest in art, the envi…ronment and family history.  Through them I learned so much about Australia – history, geography, Aboriginal art and culture and flora and fauna. A special thank you also to the many 5W husbands and other family members for their kindness and hospitality. This was my first time in Australia and I could not have done it without 5W.  I am so grateful to all those members who helped to make an exciting trip into a truly memorable one.”
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Listen to the stories from a member in Australia https://soundcloud.com/1233newcastle/story-box-1269-norma-from-gorokan

Plus, read how members enjoy meeting up and welcoming 5W visitors Getting Together


Of course, 5W isn’t just about international travel!

When a Canadian member from Vancouver was making arrangements for a business trip in Ottawa, she contacted a 5W member there to see if they could meet up.  This resulted in her staying overnight and spending a fun 24 hours together before her meetings began.  5W brought them together in the most pleasant way, even though they both lived in the same country – but almost 5,000 km apart.

Plus. a quote from one of our members “I live in Los Angeles. A few years ago I took a road trip to Northern California where I visited a 5W member in a little coastal community, Elk.  I was in my own state and looked at the same ocean that I saw at home. But it was like I was in a world away from my home.  One doesn’t have to go very far from home to have a fantastic experience with 5W!”

The World is Waiting!

“I joined 5W after reading about it in Gang of Four by Liz Byrski – wondering if such a wonderful organisation could really exist and deliver on expectations.  This was when we wrote paper letters to each other.  And before the commercial organisations that people sometimes mistakenly confuse with our wonderful 5W.  It has delivered in spades, as they say.  I have made some very good local friends I’ll keep forever, as well as friends and acquaintances from all over the world.  While it isn’t possible to keep up with everyone you meet, the memories with the assistance of many photos are there for each of us.  And you don’t have to go far!  This year I made two trips up and down the east coast of Australia.  What wonderful people I met, and so very hospitable!  We all have wonderful life experiences to share and varying interests, with our common goal of interacting with others and sharing a little of each other.  In Australia, the city and country people often have very different priorities, and my visits provided a fabulous opportunity to come together and improve our understanding of each other.  I’ve also had some reciprocal stays – and very happy with that.  As well, my trip motivated me to get back in the surf – and I’m loving it!  I also have to make a special mention of my Japanese hosts over 2 trips.  Such very special memories.  Can’t wait to go again.”  5W Member from Australia



Buzzing around in Manchester!

On Thursday 26 July, a 5W group met in Manchester for the Bee Festival.  It was magical to see some of the wonderful bee sculptures, done by up to 50 artists and another 100 done by children from most of the local schools. First we had an informative talk by one of the women who worked on the idea from its concept a few years ago, next a talk about the Manchester Art Gallery where we met up and then a walk around part of the Bee Trail to see a few of the many beautiful pieces of artwork, accompanied by a guide from the Manchester Tourist office. Too much to see in one visit, do go if you are near enough or failing that check out the website www.beeinthecitymcr.co.uk

Read an interview with our Swiss Trustee, Corina Puorger for an online magazine http://grheute.ch/2018/03/08/women-welcome-women-worldwide-zu-gast-bei-frauen/

Read about the 5W Gathering in Frankfurt, featured in Meins magazine

WOW Festival, London


Canterbury, UK



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