5W heißt Frauen auf der ganzen Welt willkommen, sich unserem wunderbaren Netzwerk für Freundschaften und Reisen anzuschließen.
5W býður konur um allan heim velkomnar til að taka þátt í okkar frábæra neti fyrir vináttu og ferðalög.
5W welcomes women all over the world to join our wonderful network for friendship and travel.
5W ønsker kvinner over hele verden velkommen til å bli med i vårt fantastiske nettverk for vennskap og reiser.



The World is Waiting

Women Welcome Women World Wide (5W) has so much to offer its members around the world, encouraging friendship and travel in a totally unique way. You can forget the usual tourist routes and enjoy visiting other members in their  homes, experiencing a different culture and way of life through the eyes of local women.

As soon as you join, you will receive access to the full membership list and the choice is then yours!  You can make contact with members in a country you have always wanted to visit or members from your  own area.  This is a wonderful way to make new friends around the world, requesting a visit to another member and maybe welcoming others into your own home.  Imagine having a network of like minded women to share experiences and offer a warm welcome, wherever you are in the world.

As part of your membership, you will also receive regular newsletters throughout the year with news and stories from around the world. along with member only service such as requests for travel companions, house-sitters and Gatherings and Get-Togethers arranged by other members – visit FAQs for more details on what we offer.

Map Of Our Members

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More than Just a Global Network

5W is not just about international travel – especially important at the moment, when there are often restrictions on our travel opportunities.  We have Local Groups around the world, which are the perfect way for our members to arrange meet-ups for lunches and trips to local attractions.  This is an opportunity to make new friends in your own part of the world and share some local exploration of the beautiful areas where you live.  Think local now and plan for future global travel with your new 5W friends.

5W Offers Rewarding Experiences

In the words of one of our members “With 5W we enjoy a commonality based on openness and a trust that, despite whatever else is happening in the world, there are those to whom we can open our doors, share bits of our lives and become part of a larger, more enriched whole.” 

“If you are interested in solo travelling, this is the organisation for you.  It can be lonely travelling on your own, especially if you see something fantastic and want to turn around and say “hey, look at that” but there is no one there.  Well, if you join 5W, those days are over”  – Read more …

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5W Gathering in Italy, 29 August to 7 September 2022.  Wonderful to see our members getting together for this amazing Gathering.  Ten women, age 49 to 80, coming from Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria, France and the Emirates.



Read what the press are saying about us!

Read what the press are saying about 5W, from an article in a UK regional press network – Yorkshire Bylines.  https://yorkshirebylines.co.uk/opinion/women-welcome-women-world-wide-friendship-knows-no-boundaries/

Tokyo, Japan

Luang Prang, Laos

5W members having fun at a sports club in Belgravia, Harare, Zimbabwe.


As soon as you join, you will have access to the full list of our members around the world – you choose who you might like to contact, whether you want to plan a visit or welcome someone to stay in your home.  However you choose to use your membership, you can be assured of being part of a unique global friendship network.